Super 1 Foods - 6/29 - 7/5/11 Ad Highlights

Sale highlights for the June 29 through July 5, 2011 ad.  

Please note that sale prices are for the Alexandria, LA area and may differ from your ad.  The below are what I consider good deals.

88¢ each - Super 1 Foods Sandwich Bread **GOOD PRICE**
4/$10 - select 12 pack, 12 oz. cans of Coca-Cola or Dr. Pepper products **GOOD PRICE**
$1.98 10 - 12 oz. bags of Lay's Potato Chips
77¢ each - Kraft BBQ Sauce (Kroger actually has a better deal right now on this.)

5 lb bag of chicken leg quarters - 49¢/lb (comes out to $2.45 a bag) **STOCK-UP PRICE**
57¢ each pack - 12 oz. pack of Bar- S hot dogs **STOCK-UP PRICE**
98¢ - large cantaloupe
98¢ each - Iceberg Head Lettuce
2/$4 - 3 lb. bag of yellow or white onions **GOOD PRICE**
$3.88 - 10 lb. bag of Harvest Club Russet Potatoes **GOOD PRICE**

2/$3 - Food Club Shredded Cheese, select 8 oz. bags  **GOOD PRICE**
98¢ each - Cool Whip, select 8 oz. tubs

Hot dogs and cheese freeze really well.  I haven't seen cheese cheaper for some time and this is the time of year for hot dogs to go on sale.  I plan to stock up on both this week.  Yeah, I know hot dogs aren't the best things to eat but they do help the food budget.  The chicken variety is included in the sale so I am going to get those if they get a "thumbs" up from hubby.  

I'm not a fan of chicken leg quarters as I prefer the white meat of chicken.  However, when leg quarters go on sale at a good price, I will pick up a bag or two.  You get quite of bit of meat for cheap and can use it in different recipes.  

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