Coupon Info / FAQ's

As you enter the world of couponing you might ask..."What in the world are all those abbreviations?" Read on to find out!

General ones:
Please let me know if I missed any. 

$/$ = money off, for example $5/$20 is $5 off a $20 purchase
b1g1 or bogo = buy 1, get one (as in buy 1, get another free or buy 1, get another at a certain % off)
B&M = Brick & Mortar which means actual store, not the store's website
Cat. cpn = Catalina coupon, these are the coupons that print out from special machine at the registers.
cpn = coupon
CRT = cash register tape (receipt)
exp. = expiration date
FAR = free after rebate
IP cpn = internet printable coupon
MIR = mail-in rebate
OOP = out of pocket
OYNO or OYNP = on your next order / purchase
psa = prices start at
UPC = universal product code (those bars with numbers on products)
TMF = try me free rebate form
wyb = when you buy
YMMV = your mileage may vary (i.e. this may not work for you)

Types of coupons:
Manufacturer's Coupon (aka manuf.cpn, mfr cpn, or MFC) are the ones we get from the Sunday newspaper inserts.  They also come from magazines, fliers, in product packaging, etc. Some printable coupons are also manuf. cpns.  By the expiration date on the coupon, it will have "Manufacturer's Coupon" written on it.

Store Coupons are ones that are put out by a specific store.  They can be found in the weekly ads, monthly booklet, mailers, etc.  Store coupons are to be only used at the store specified on the coupon.  Some stores will accept a store coupon along with a manuf. cpn for an item.  For example, ABC Grocery Store has a store coupon for 50¢ off Hefty paper plates.  Plus, there are also $1/2 manuf. cpns for the same plates.  This store will allow the use of both coupons which will give you a savings of $1.50 on two packages of these plates.  Be sure to read store policies for coupon acceptance.

For the Drug Stores:

CVS cpn = coupon that prints on your CRT or at price scanner, can also be in magazines, handouts, etc. (CVS)
ECB's (EB's) = Extra Care Bucks (for CVS)
IVC = instant value coupon (Walgreens store coupon)
RR's = Register Rewards (Walgreens)

Some other things...
Don't go by the picture that's on the coupon but what is actually written on the coupon!
I should also note how to read details on the coupons that I mention.

An example (totally made up!): $1.00/2 2-liters of any Coke product, exp. 02/01/10 (RP 01/03/10)

This means that the coupon is for a $1.00 off two 2-liters of any Coke product (i.e. Coke, diet Coke, Sprite, etc.). It expires on 02/01/10 and can be found in the Red Plum insert that came out 01/03/10.


Coupon Insert List for 2011 can be found here --> click me

I will update the list for 2012 when it becomes available which should be soon!

The Seasonal Sale Cycle is a handy bit of information for shoppers.  I suggest either bookmarking this site or  printing out a copy.

What is the "Seasonal Sale Cycle" you may ask?  Well, it is a very useful tool for shoppers as it lists when items typically will go on sale.  Sales on certain items will run in a cycle throughout the year.  Knowing this information, will allow you to stock up on useful items when they are at their lowest prices.  In early fall, you'll find items related to "back-to-school" at rock bottom prices.  Diet foods usually go on sale in January.  Items for summer get-togethers start going on sale in May.  The list goes on and on.