The Seasonal Sale Cycle

The Seasonal Sale Cycle (credit to ingoodcents.com)

What is the "Seasonal Sale Cycle" you may ask?  Well, it is a very useful tool for shoppers as it lists when items typically will go on sale.  Sales on certain items will run in a cycle  throughout the year.  In early fall, you'll find items related to "back-to-school" at rock bottom prices.  Diet foods go on sale in January.  Items for summer get-togethers start going on sale in May.  The list goes on and on.

In addition to items going on sale at certain times of the year, we will find coupons to go along with those sales.  Knowing this bit of info can help us in preparing our stockpile.  For instance, my husband loves to grill.  I know that there are usually coupons for BBQ related items coming out in May.  Plus, there are usually sales around Memorial Day geared towards grilling.  I'll buy enough to last him through the summer if not the year (lol!).

The link above is worth bookmarking or at least printing out to keep on hand.  I find it a very useful tool and hope you will too.

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